Who We Are?

Turf Depot is the premier Outdoor Power Equipment distributor in the North East. Over 40 Major brands, 100 Years of experience and 4 locations in Southern NH is the reason why commercial landscapers and homeowners choose Turf Depot as their place for power equipment. Turf Depot draws on it's past to position itself for long term growth in the industry and service to it's customers.
Granz Power Equipment

Salem, NH
288 N. Broadway (Rt 28)

stills Power Equipment

Manchester, NH
192 Mammoth Rd.

londonderry Turf Depot

Londonderry, NH
150 Nashua Rd. (Rt 111)

portsmouth turf Depot

Portsmouth, NH
2600 Lafayette Rd (Rt 1)

Our History

Turf Depot originally started out as Granz Power Equipment and Stills Power Equipment. Both locations operated independently for years. Granz since 1936 and Stills since 1947. As times and changes occurred in the industry both stores saw great success and growth through customer service. In 2007 owners Bruce Yennaco (Granz) and Joe Chevalier (Stills) partnered, leading the way for further growth and allowing us to serve our customers better by being able to give them access to more products and reduce down time on service issues by having more available parts on the shelf. In 2014 we opened Turf Depot of Londonderry and in 2015 we opened Turf Depot of Portsmouth. In addition, many staff members have been with each location for over 10 years, some being with us for 35 years. Our experience gives us a vast knowledge of our industry and customers needs.

For recognition on the web we operate as Turf Depot to unite the 2 stores. Locally, we have retained Granz Power Equipment for Salem, NH and Stills Power Equipment for Manchester, NH.
history of Turf Depot

Brands We Carry

We pride ourselves in carrying the top of the line equipment in tractors, weed trimmers, blowers, roto-tillers, walk behinds, snow blowers, commercial Mowers and chainsaws with the parts to back them all up!  Don't be afraid to ask if you don't see your equipment brand, there is a chance we can still get parts for it.

We Service What We Sell

Turf Depot employs over 15 Full time mechanics and 5 to 6 Full time service writers. Our technical staff are factory trained and attend continuing education classes to ensure they are always up to date with the latest in the service methods. We offer service in our Salem, Manchester and Portsmouth locations. When you buy a product from us you can rest assured that it can be maintained for years to come.

ProParts Direct

The commercial parts division of our business is ProParts Direct® our commercial parts distributor and website. ProParts Direct ships 18,000 catalogs a year nationally. ProParts is supported by a full time call center staff with over 90 years of parts and industry experience.
For your parts needs online visit www.propartsdirect.net