Common Lawnmower Questions

Lawnmower Maintenance Kit

What oil should I use in my lawnmower?

Lawnmower Oil

You should use a SAE30 or 10W30 oil in your lawnmower. Double check oil levels before each use – a lawnmower may not smoke or display common low oil warning signs.

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Spark Plug

Where is the lawnmower's spark plug?

Spark Plugs

Most Spark plugs are located on the top of the engine

The spark plug keeps the mower running efficiently. It’s not an expensive item to replace – so plan on replacing each year to ensure longevity of the lawnmower.

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Octaine Fuel

What octaine fuel should I use in my lawnmower?

Gasoline for Small Engines

Use the HIGHEST OCTANE available at your service station, your small engine will run much better and longer. Ethanol levels in today’s fuel cause it to go bad quickly, so only buy what you will use within two weeks. Finally, get in the habit of “treating” your gas with a stabilizer right at the station. In the event your mower sits for a month, you don’t want the fuel to go bad and cost money.

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Feul Switch Locations

How do I turn gas on/off on my lawnmower?

Locate the fuel on/off lever.

Most major brands have a well marked fuel lever, close to other operational dials. It will be located below or to the side of the fuel tank.

White arrows indicate off/on switch locations.

What are the steps for routine, cold engine start?

Steps below are general - see user manual for machine specifics

  • Check that fuel and oil levels are correct.
  • Unit should be in neutral/drive functions disengaged.
  • Throttle should be on high/fast/rabbit.
  • Move fuel shutoff lever to ON.
  • Move choke lever to full.
  • Turn ON/OFF key to ON.
  • Push the primer bulb 2 times (See user manual for machine specifics).
  • Pull starter cord (electric start, push starter button) to start the engine.
  • Let the lawnmower run for a couple minutes to warm up. Then, slowly move the CHOKE lever back to the run position.

How often should I service my lawnmower?

Have your residential lawnmower serviced each year.

You can always bring your mower back to the same store you bought from. If it’s more convenient we will pick up and drop off at your house, 6 days a week! We offer seasonal specials and email reminders. Call us at 1-888-621-1100.

For longevity, get in the habit of completing a “pre-flight” inspection before each use. Look for leaks, oil levels, clean the deck – catch a problem early, before it becomes expensive.

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Can you contact me with seasonal reminders?

Product updates and seasonal reminders

Sure! We send out seasonal reminders for tune-ups, sales, and information to keep your equipment running. We only send email to announce specials or when seasons change so its actually very helpful! Sign up here: Email Newsletter

Servicing Mowers

Remove spark plug before servicing mower.